56 Years Old, Teacher
Lower back pain and a painful hip

Number of Treatments: 1

J was suffering with lower back pain and a painful hip after a surgery earlier this year.

J wrote – “I recently went to see David for an assessment and therapy session having had him recommended by a friend. I was very impressed by what he achieved in so short a time and with so little effort from me! Having undergone hip surgery a few months before I was keen to realign things in my body and get my body back to normal. David corrected a tilt on my pelvis as well which has helped me enormously. Worth travelling miles to see him! Thank you David.”

57 Years Old, Journalist
Chronic stiff neck and shoulder

Number of Treatments: 1

Trisha was reporting on a talk I was giving to a local group and volunteered to be treated due to a long-standing neck and shoulder restriction problem. When I assessed her she realised just how restricted her movement was. After the session it was very obvious that she had regained full movement in both neck and shoulder.

Trisha wrote – “My shoulder response has been amazing and I am still delightedly showing the results to friends. For years I was only able to turn my head as far as the left shoulder. Everyone is surprised and impressed.”

46 Years Old, Lorry Driver
Severe back pain

Number of Treatments: 3

Paul had Injured his back and arm in May 2006 in motorcycle accident. After feeling a bit stiff for a couple of days he developed pins and needles in left arm and leg. He was admitted to hospital but the problem could not be diagnosed.

His GP was also unable to diagnose the problem. In September 2008 his back seized up for 4 days and he could only get relief on all fours. He was suffering increasing pain when driving which was also effecting his sleep. When he came to see me he was faced with having to take unpaid leave to try and rest his back. After 3 treatments, slightly altering his driving pattern and using some simple exercises he could continue driving and remained pain free

He wrote “After being knocked off my motorbike, I suffered severe back pain. Three years later, this flared up again. After three sessions of Bowen Therapy, the pain ceased. I was intrigued by the fact that my back pain was caused by an injury to my right leg, this was only found out by attending Bowen sessions”.


58 Years Old, Project Manager
Broken femur with complications and broken elbow

Number of Treatments: 4

Peter had fallen and broken his upper thigh and elbow while on holiday in America. He was flown back after emergency surgery to repair his leg. In the UK surgeons felt the repair had been botched and re-operated. 18 months later Peter had still not regained mobility – he couldn’t lift his leg unaided, he walked and stood stooped and was very hesitant in his movements

After treatment he stood some 6” taller and had started walking again.

Peter wrote – “Some 18 months after an operation to pin a broken femur, I had not recovered my full mobility through the impact of muscles weakened by the trauma. In a sceptical frame of mind, I undertook therapy. I can honestly say that after only four short, painless sessions, my wife and I were astonished by the sustained and marked improvement it made. I am now a believer!”

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